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The Olympus Tough TG-810 is an armoured car of an outdoor camera, fully loaded and ready to head out on adventures over land and underwater. Throw it in the drink and it'll keep snapping down, down, deeper and down than almost any other rugged compact camera.

The TG-810 features GPS and 3D shooting among its features. It manages 3D snapping with one lens by taking a picture, then when you move slightly, it snaps a second picture automatically. The camera rolls those two together for a photo that can be viewed on a 3D device such as a 3D laptop or 3D television.

This is locked away in a casing that's as tough as they come. You can drop the TG-810 from a height of 2 metres and it'll shrug the impact off. You can freeze it down to -10C and it'll ask you for an ice cream. You can even dive underwater to a whopping depth of 10 metres and it'll snap away as happily as if it was bone-dry.

The frame is secured tight by a sliding double lock mechanism, with a metal barrier over the lens and operated by tapping or tilting the camera. Inside is a manometer to measure depth underwater, as well as three-sensor GPS and an electronic compass. The compass records the direction the camera is pointing, even when it's turned off.

When you're travelling the world, the camera acts as a tour guide, with more than 700,000 nearby geographic and natural points of interests. You can also check the latitude, longitude, altitude, shooting direction, date, time and air pressure at a glance.

When it's pointed out something of interest, the TG-810 captures 14-megapixel pictures and 720p high-definition video of the landmark in question. It offers eight Magic Filters that add special effects to photos and videos, as well as i-Underwater settings that detect when the camera is submerged and adjusts the white balance accordingly.

The Olympus Tough TG-810 is getting tough in late March for around £270.

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The TG-810's rugged back.
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The TG-810 includes built-in GPS.
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The TG-810 in silver.
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