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Pretty long for the system

Focus cuff


With teleconverter

The space between

Framing help

Fast, long lenses necessarily require a lot of elements and big glass, so it's not surprising that this one is pretty big for Micro Four Thirds.

Caption by / Photo by Olympus

That front section is the manual focus cuff. When you pull it back, you're in manual-focus mode, when extended, it autofocuses.

Caption by / Photo by Olympus

The lens has a focus-limiter switch with three choices: 1.4-4m, 1.4m to infinity (the entire range), and 4m to infinity. There's also a programmable function button and stabilizer toggle.

Caption by / Photo by Olympus

If you need more reach, Olympus' 1.4x teleconverter can increase the effective focal length to 420mm (a 35mm- equivalent angle of view to 840mm) and 0.67x magnification.

Caption by / Photo by Olympus

Part of the lens' size is a result of the necessary distance between lens elements.

Caption by / Photo by Olympus

The dot-sight accessory mounts next to the camera and aids you in keeping the subject in-frame with minimal head movement.

Caption by / Photo by Olympus
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