Looks dorky, sounds spectacular

CNET Editor at Large Rafe Needleman enjoys the 5.1 Sound Egg stereo chair. He says it sounds phenomenal. Its aesthetic, on the other hand, is up for debate.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

Scotty, beam me to CES

Now you can have your very own Star Trek communicator. This Internet phone, designed to take your Skype calls, is manufactured by tech gizmo company Dream Cheeky and even makes authentic communicator beeps.
Photo by: Rafe Needleman/CNET

Enterprising Webcam

Dream Cheeky also makes this Star Trek Enterprise Webcam.
Photo by: Rafe Needleman/CNET

Like the AR.Drone, but grounded

The eye in this robot is actually a camera. With its remote, you can get a sneaky ankle-high view of the I-bot's surroundings. If you'd like to see your subjects' faces, you'll need to stick with the AR.Drone.
Photo by: Rafe Needleman/CNET

Electronic cigarettes confuse bar owners everywhere

A rep for e-cigarette-maker Smoking Everywhere demonstrates the battery-based nicotine-delivery system, which gives off only a puff of water vapor. In cities with smoking bans, this product probably inspires some interesting confrontations.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

No need for a lighter...

...but you will need to recharge your e-cigarette from time to time.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

Beamz get CES crowds waving awkwardly

The Beamz digital instrument uses hand movements and beams of lights to make music. At CES, the crowd enjoyed slicing through empty air to make tunes, but we can't say they looked cool doing it.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

Yogen extends battery life with people power

Yogen makes a gadget charger that lets you power up your phone with a pull of a string--useful in a pinch, and probably burns at least a handful of calories in the process.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

Personal theater blocks out sun, potential dates

This hat, as modeled by Rafe Needleman, lets you watch your portable video player even in bright, outdoor environments. It's also the strangest headgear beyond Lady Gaga's hat rack.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

DIY swag from Lego

At the Lego Universe booth, show-goers can put together their very own Lego mini figure.
Photo by: Rafe Needleman/CNET

Phones meet furbys

Remember Furbys? This phone never got over the decline of fuzzy robot popularity.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Steampunk phone

This phone appears to hail from CES 1910.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET


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