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Vintage 'Trek' action figures

The "Star Trek" universe gives manufacturers and makers plenty of room to play around when it comes to creating strange sci-fi-themed products.

Unusual "Star Trek" merchandise isn't just a recent phenomenon. This Mego "Star Trek" Enterprise bridge playset dates back to the 1970s and is a great example of vintage "Trek" memorabilia. The pose-able action figures wear cloth outfits, and the bridge opens up to reveal the captain's chair, computer consoles and a spinning transporter.

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Celebrities sat in this captain's chair

This replica of Picard's captain's chair from the Enterprise sold on eBay  for $6,800 in 2014. After spending time on tour at fan conventions, the chair racked up quite a few celebrity sightings. Everyone from Nichelle Nichols to Weird Al Yankovic had a picture taken with the piece of sci-fi furniture.

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Enterprise as a flying saucer

The USS Enterprise flying disc actually flies. It started life as an April Fools' joke in 2014, but became a real product in 2015. The contraption consists of a Frisbee-style saucer section with a lightweight foam body that goes along for the ride.

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Rare phaser from Kirk's days

Screen-used props are some of the most sought-after pieces of "Star Trek" memorabilia. This rare phaser from the original series went up for auction in early 2015. The phaser was matched to scenes in the 1968 time-travel episode "Assignment: Earth."

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Spaceship mailbox

Sometimes the best "Star Trek" products are homemade. This vaguely Enterprise-shaped mailbox boldly accepts envelopes and small packages on the curb. It has "NCC-USPS" emblazoned on the warp nacelles. Solar-powered lights make it visible at night.

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Borg cube chills drinks

The Borg was one of the most frightening enemies to emerge from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." The cyborg-like creatures seemed unstoppable and always pushed Captain Picard and his crew to their limits. A Borg cube mini-fridge is a much friendlier way to remember the alien space threat. The refrigerator glows green on the outside.

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Klingon Warnog beer

Klingons don't mess around when it comes to their beverages. That's the spirit behind Warnog, a "Star Trek"-themed beer from Federation of Beer. The description notes that the beer has banana and clove flavors. Actual Klingons may prefer the taste of blood and the tears of their enemies.

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'Star Trek" sushi set

Take your sushi on a sci-fi voyage with a "Star Trek" sushi set consisting of a wood platform, Enterprise soy-sauce dish and warp-trail chopsticks. It's a sushi set fit for a Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon or even just a regular raw-fish-loving human.

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Gingerbread Enterprise

Prepare to hit warp factor 350 degrees with an elaborate gingerbread model of the U.S.S. Enterprise created by Blackmarket Bakery. The ship is modeled after the Enterprise version seen in "The Wrath of Khan." An internal metal armature helped the gingerbread hold its shape.

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Picard faceplam cookies

Every "Star Trek" fan on the Internet has run into the famous Captain Picard facepalm meme at some point. A cookie cutter from Warpzone Prints celebrates the moment from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Exasperation will never be so delicious again.

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