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Oculus Rift Crystal Cove prototype

Strap it on

A snug fit

Position tracking plus controller = gamplay options


He's watching...

Big, but light and comfortable

Position tracking: Look up, see the sky

Looking off to the side

Yes, it was awesome

LAS VEGAS -- Here at CES 2014, Oculus VR showed off the latest prototype of its 3D virtual reality headset. Code-named Crystal Cove, it offers improved resolution thanks to a 1080p OLED screen inside. Its biggest innovations, however, involve real position tracking via those little LEDs and a camera, and low image persistence. The latter aims to eliminate motion smearing by blinking the display to black, much like blinking backlights in LCD TVs.

The result is the most immersive VR we've seen yet. What follows are a bunch of photos of CNET editors' expressions as we experienced the latest demos. In other words, dudes with a big thing strapped on their heads.

Caption by / Photo by Oculus
...the image inside the headset, not the TV.
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We'll have a full write-up and video of the experience soon.
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