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Samsung's new Galaxy S10 Plus will have a ceramic back in white or black for its 512GB or 1TB models. But it's not the only phone brand to offer a ceramic casing. Here are the other phones that did it first.

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Xiaomi's Mi 6, announced back in April, 2017, was one of the first few phones to offer a ceramic phone. This one featured 18-karat gold in the camera rims for even more bling.

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The Essential Phone also had a ceramic back with a titanium frame. We dropped this phone a lot to see if we could break its ceramic rear.

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Based on the LG V35, this is the second version of LG's Signature Edition series, and features -- you guessed it -- zirconium ceramic, a material which LG claims is virtually scratch-proof. The price tag? A cool $1,800.


Xiaomi's original Mi MIx line went ceramic, and the result is a gorgeous designer phone that stands the test of time. It still looks good to this day.

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Following the success of its Mi Mix, the Chinese company followed up with the Mi MIx 2, which also had ceramic bodies. The white ceramic version is quite the looker.


The third version of the Xiaomi's Mix series, the Mi Mix 3, doesn't deviate much from its predecessor's rear design. But that's a good thing because it still looks great.

Published:Caption:Photo:Aloysius Low/CNET
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