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Nintendo fought back at E3 2014 with a lot of games, including Super Smash Bros. in its nearly-final form.

Nintendo's amiibo figurines are like Skylander and Disney Infinity toys: they pair with the Wii U GamePad and, eventually, the 3DS via a wireless accessory, storing and sending data to put characters in your favorite Nintendo games. They'll be available this holiday, working with Super Smash Bros. first.

Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

The amiibo will cover all Nintendo franchises: Pokemon, Super Mario, and...yes, even Wii Fit Trainers.

Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Playing Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo GameCube controllers.

Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Just Dance dancers in action.

Nintendo's newest original game, Splatoon, features half-squid half-human ink-squirters in four-on-four online matches. And it's pretty darn fun.

A demonstration of Mario Maker, an upcoming 2015 Wii U game that will allow user-created Mario levels.

Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U will have slightly different feature sets, but how different isn't completely clear yet.

Nintendo had other games on the show floor, but sometimes it was hard to find them.

The Legend of Zelda has been announced for Wii U, but all you could really see of Link this year was in Smash Bros. or in Hyrule Warriors, both coming this fall.

Death-stare Luigi, eat your fiery heart out.

Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


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