Nikon slims down the grip, and the vertical front dial is fairly uncommon, but the rest of the camera looks a lot more typical than its predecessor.
Photo by: Nikon

Add-on EVF

Nikon dumps the built-in viewfinder for an add-on that comes bundled with the kit. The kit also comes with the new power-zoom version of the CX-standard 10-30mm lens.
Photo by: Nikon


The viewfinder has the round eyecup typical of Nikon's pro cameras. Unlike many competitors', it doesn't tilt.
Photo by: Nikon

Tilting LCD

Another notable change to the design is the now-tilting, touch screen.
Photo by: Nikon

Some things remain the same

The control layout on the back changes a smidge, gaining a function button and a separate AE-L/AF-L button.
Photo by: Nikon

Top with grip

The add-on grip returns the substantial front grip and adds another function button.
Photo by: Nikon

Add-on grip

It gives you a bit more to clutch and a more traditional horizontal dial.
Photo by: Nikon


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