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The Red Cage

Nicolas of House Baratheon, the One True Cage of Westeros

The Father of Dragons

Brienne of Cage

Margelas of House Cagerell

Arya Cage is always screming

Nico-Littlefinger is always plotting

Sir Nicolas of House Stark

You know nothing, Nic Snow

Reddit user CarlosDanger100 loves HBO's fantasy series "Game of Thrones," but thinks it'd be even better with a little more Nicolas Cage. OK, a lot more Nicolas Cage, as evidenced by these images he made of popular characters on the show with Cage's face photoshopped on.

In the first image, we see that Nicolas Cage would make for a pretty good Hodor, but it's probably not the most natural casting. After all, if Cage was only allowed to speak a single word, "Game of Thrones" fans would miss out on his incredible one-liners.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

Here we see Nicolas Cage as the lady Cageysandre, though he prefers to be called The Red Cage. The Red Cage spends his time staring into fire to see the future as told by the One True God, and having sexy times with would-be kings so he can send ghost babies to kill the One True King Nicolas Baratheon's enemies.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

Speaking of Nicolas Baratheon, here he is in all his photoshopped glory. The One True Cage of Westeros looks incredibly similar to the actual Stannis Baratheon as played by Stephen Dillane. Too bad we probably won't be seeing Nicolas Baratheon in Season 6.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

Daenerys Cagegaryen is the version of Nicolas Cage with the best shot at winning the Iron Throne. The Father of Dragons has three dragons at his disposal, and he plans to use them to defeat all the other Nicolas Cages in Westeros until he takes his rightful place as the King of the Andals.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

Cage actually makes for a pretty convincing Brienne of Tarth. He's got the same "don't mess with me" attitude as Brienne, and he seems like he could handle a sword pretty well. Though Cage as Brienne would make for a really strange bath scene with Jaime Lannister, especially if Jaime was also played by Nicolas Cage.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

There's really not much to say about this image of Nicolas Cage as Margaery Tyrell except that once you see it you really can't un-see it. Margaery is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful ladies in Westeros, but Margelas Cagerell would be considered one of the less attractive ones, and likely would never have ended up as the Queen of Westeros.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

On "Game of Thrones," Arya Stark always seems to be angry. This image of a screaming Nicolas Cage as Arya Stark is actually pretty perfect, and captures the true essence of Arya Stark before she decides to become one of the Faceless Men. Maybe she should wear Nicolas Cage's face in Season 6.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

The only way to make Littlefinger more snaky is to give him the face of "Snake Eyes" actor Nicolas Cage. Nico-Littlefinger Cage would really be a force to be reckoned with.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit

If Nicolas Cage were actually in "Game of Thrones," there's little chance he would have made it out of Season 1. That's why this casting of him as Ned Stark makes perfect sense. As you can see in this image, Sir Nicolas of House Stark's head would look pretty imposing on a spike at King's Landing.

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100

Somber Jon Snow rarely cracks a smile or jokes around with his Night's Watch brothers. That's why this image of a grinning Nicolas Snow is pretty perfect, and he would have made for a great Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

Plus, it would have been really funny to hear Nicolas Cage, aka "The Weather Man," deliver Snow's most famous line: "Winter is coming."

Caption by / Photo by CarlosDanger100/Reddit
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