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Twenty percent thinner

Nest Labs today unveiled Nest 2.0, a 20 percent thinner version of its cutting-edge smart thermostat than the original. It is designed to be compatible with 95 percent of the American and Canadian low-voltage residential heating and cooling market.

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Wall mount

Nest 2.0 will cost $249 and be available in mid-October. The new version of the device features ten connectors -- up from eight on the original -- meaning it will now work with a greater number of systems, including high-end air conditioners.

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Hidden sensors

The original Nest had a small section on its front with perforated plastic, which allowed interior sensors to detect nearby movement. The new version loses the perforations, and features what appears to be a single piece of plastic, yet it is just as sensitive to the comings and goings of residents as its predecessor.

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The interior of the second-generation Nest learning thermostat, which features ten connectors rather than eight on the previous version.

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What it does

This image, from Nest Labs, illustrates the features of the thermostat's redesigned interior.

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Box contents

A look at the contents of a Nest 2.0 package.

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Although Nest 2.0 improves upon its predecessor, the device's functionality and look at feel remain largely the same.

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