JVC KD-R900 CD receiver

JVC's flagship KD-R900 CD receiver tops out the seven new headunits in the 2009 model lineup. The unit features two USB 2.0 ports with full-speed iPod control, hands-free phone calling and A2DP wireless audio streaming capability via an included USB Bluetooth adapter, a front aux input, a flip-down detachable faceplate, and an LCD display with variable-color illumination, which is capable of more than 30,000 customizable colors to match most vehicles' interior illumination hues.
Photo by: JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVC KD-R800 CD receiver

The JVC KD-R800 CD receiver is very similar to the KD-R900, but drops the full-speed iPod control. Both units are HD Radio Ready, Satellite Radio Ready, and MP3/WMA compatible. The KD-R900 and KD-R800 also feature 3-Band Parametric iEQ, wireless remote, MOS-FET 50W x 4, and 5V front, rear, and subwoofer pre-outputs with Subwoofer Control.
Photo by: JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVC KD-HDR50 CD receiver w/ HD Radio

JVC's KD-HDR50 distinguishes itself with an integrated HD Radio receiver with iTunes tagging and full-speed iPod control. The unit is compatible with JVC's USB Bluetooth adapter, which is sold separately.
Photo by: JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVD KD-HDR20 CD receiver

The KD-HDR20 CD receiver maintains the integrated HD Radio receiver of its big brother, the KD-HDR50, but loses the full-speed iPod connection and, as a result, iTunes Tagging.
Photo by: JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVC KD-R600 CD receiver

Bringing high-level features closer to the entry level, the JVC KD-R600 features full-speed iPod control, MP3/WMA playback, and is ready for Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, and HD Radio modules.
Photo by: JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVC KD-R300 CD receiver

The KD-R300 drops iPod control, but retains the 3-band iEQ, wireless remote, MOS-FET 50 watts x 4 internal amplification, and variable-color illumination display of the KD-R600.
Photo by: JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVC KD-R200 CD receiver

Compared with the KD-R300, the base-model JVC KD-R200 loses the ability to add expansion modules for HD Radio, Satellite Radio, and Bluetooth, as well as its USB ports.
Photo by: JVC Mobile Entertainment


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