N+ew, which stands for No More Electronic Waste, is the creation of Chilean artist Rodrigo Alonso. Alonso makes these stools out of old electronics.
Photo by: Rodrigo Alonso

Too much e-waste

Though N+ew is a functional piece of furniture, Alonso also created the chairs to make a statement about the amount of e-waste in this world.
Photo by: Rodrigo Alonso

Take a seat

Alonso produces the chairs in limited runs, but you can also special order one.
Photo by: Rodrigo Alonso

Eye opener

The N+ew chairs are very cool looking, but they also highlight the problem of e-waste.
Photo by: Rodrigo Alonso


All the old tech pieces are donated by Chilean recycling company Recycla.
Photo by: Rodrigo Alonso

Making N+ew

Alonso creates the stools by pouring clear epoxy resin and melted recycled aluminum into molds. The resin can also be dyed red.
Photo by: Rodrigo Alonso

Bottoms up

The legs of the stool are made from cast aluminum.
Photo by: Rodrigo Alonso


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