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NComputing's Stephen Dukker

Inroads onto the shop floor

California dreaming

Indian school class

NComputing CEO Stephen Dukker, seen in an Indian classroom that uses NComputing's combination of hardware and software to allow a single PC to power a classroom's worth of computing experiences.

By being able to significantly cut costs, the company has racked up a number of large deals in recent years, becoming one of the leading providers of thin clients. After years of pitching the developing world and educational institutions on the notion of shared PCs, NComputing is ready to make a more serious push to U.S. businesses.

Caption by / Photo by NComputing
A shop floor worker at Michigan-based BLD Systems uses an NComputing virtual desktop with a USB-based barcode scanner to access manufacturing applications streamed from a hosted desktop. BLD deploys 40 NComputing virtual desktops, connected by Ethernet over a wireless bridge using a single low-end server.
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Children at the Rheem School in Moraga, Calif., using NComputing's desktop access devices.
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The government of Andhra Pradesh, India, deploys 40,000 NComputing devices to serve 1.8 million students in 5,000 schools, including this one, across the state.
Caption by / Photo by NComputing
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