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Cosmopolitan caller

The worldly National Geographic Xplorer isn't just a cell phone. Tucked under the rugged back cover is a SIM card capable of giving you both a U.S. and a UK phone number for your international travel.

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Branded as part of the National Geographic family, the Xplorer has a distinctively rugged theme, from the baked-in loop on top for tying the phone to your pack, to the rubberized buttons on the dialpad.

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The Xplorer also manages to be stylish in a sporty way, with red racing stripes up the spines.

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Locked in

To keep out dust, water, and other environmental extras, the Xplorer locks its battery (and its MicroSD card slot) behind a screwed-in back cover. A small coin is all you need to unlock it.

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Side view

See these bumps on the Xplorer's left spine? These belong to the volume rocker, and to the quite bright flashlight (torch) that sits on top of the phone.

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