Editors' note: This slideshow was originally published June 19, 2009. It was updated November 3 with the home page image from the 2009 redesign of MSN.

As Microsoft readies for a fall revamp to MSN, CNET News takes a look back at the portal's evolution via screenshots from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

The MSN portal's first incarnation came in 1996 as a "custom start page."

Photo by: Internet Archive

November 1999

MSN in November 1999.
Photo by: Internet Archive

May 2000

MSN in May 2000.
Photo by: Internet Archive

January 2001

MSN in January 2001.
Photo by: Internet Archive

October 2002

MSN in October 2002.
Photo by: Internet Archive

May 2004

MSN in May 2004.
Photo by: Internet Archives

January 2006

MSN in January 2006.
Photo by: Internet Archive

March 2007

MSN in March 2007.
Photo by: Internet Archive

June 2009

MSN in June 2009.
Photo by: Internet Archives

MSN's 2009 redesign

MSN's 2009 redesign, unveiled in early November 2009, features a new logo and new look with fewer links and more videos and images.
Photo by: Microsoft


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