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An all-in-one desktop computer just gave us an enormous, sweaty happy. Responsible was the MSI Windtop AE2400 -- a Windows 7-powered Intel Core 2 Quad monster, packing a 24-inch 1080p touchscreen, integrated Blu-ray and HDMI output. And if the sound of those specs don't give you moistface as well, you're reading the wrong story.

This is no Atom-based all-in-one crud, people -- it's an outright behemoth of high-definition horsepower. We spent half an hour poking around its super-responsive multi-touch screen, marvelling at the splendour of its 16:9-format, 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution.

Other features include 4GB of RAM and Nvidia GeForce 9400 Ion-based graphics, optical digital audio connections, VGA output, Gigabit Ethernet, four USB sockets and an eSATA connection.

In our opinion, the AE2400 is one of the most interesting all-in-ones to date, with power equal to three, perhaps even four thrusts of the Chuck Norris pelvis. No, not five. Don't be so beastly.

It should be on sale in the UK by the end of the year for around £1,000 and we can't wait to get one in for review. Lay your viewing spheres on some bonus photos overleaf until then.

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Here's a heavily Photoshopped full-frontal exposure of the AE2400. The lighting on MSI's stand was abysmal, so please forgive this hyper-real picture.
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Profile from the left-hand side.
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The rear. Notice the iMac-esque design.
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The optical drive. This should've been obvious.
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