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For the iPhone owner

If she loves her Apple iPhone, or at least knows how it works, an iPad in any size would be a seamless adjustment to the tablet-life.

Like the New York Yankees or Meryl Streep, the Apple iPad is an obvious candidate in any best-of race, but there are many options available, like the iPad Air or the iPad Mini -- just kidding.

The Apple iPads are a popular choice, but if mom isn't an Apple-aficionado or isn't hooked to iOS, there are plenty of options that might better suit your gift recipient.

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$138.77 at Walmart
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For the mom on-the-go

If the mom you're shopping for is a busy multi-tasking superwoman, she'll need a tablet that can keep up. The Google Nexus 7 with 4G LTE offers data on-the-go in a compact and cool package that won't hold her back.

The pure Android OS keeps the interface simple, yet it works as a blank canvas to customize the slate for maximum efficiency (or fun). It gets the latest OS upgrades first, since it's a Google branded tablet, and its smooth performance should satisfy for both work and play.

$119.13 at Walmart
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For the non-techie

For an 8.9-inch tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX manages to be both slim and compact, making it a great portable option for mom if she thinks "bigger is better" when it comes to screen sizes.

The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 boasts a user-friendly operating system with a mayday button that quickly connects you to an Amazon representative for help -- a godsend for those who act as the family's personal tech support.

With a super-sharp and pixel-dense screen, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is optimal for taking advantage of Amazon Prime streaming video --  if mom has an Amazon Prime membership. If not, don't you think it would add a nice touch?

$85.22 at Amazon
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For the premuim Android alternative

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is an adequate Android alternative to the Apple iPad Mini. Aside from its competitively sleek and slim design, the Tab Pro 8.4's larger screen currently rocks the most pixels-per-inch of any slate.

Samsung's TouchWiz Magazine UX makes it easy to customize the tablet out of the box and consistent on-screen instructions will help your mom acquaint herself with the many, many features offered.

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For the bookworm

If mom needs to upgrade her hardcovers for e-books, the Amazon PaperWhite is not only one of the best e-readers available, it also has access to the 1.8 billion books offered through Amazon's ecosystem.

Amazon added a few new features to the 2013 model, including a screen that's easier on the eyes -- literally -- and with its swift performance and accurate touchscreen, the Paperwhite is one of the most well-rounded e-readers.

$49.68 at Amazon
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For the bookworm (budget edition)

If you're buying on a budget, the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch is a basic and functional alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite.

With prices starting at $49, the e-reader boasts a long battery life, expandable storage, and a high-contrast e-ink touch screen that's easy to read. The ecosystem isn't as vast as Amazon's, but who's going to read 1.8 billion books anyways, right?

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Updated:Caption:Photo:CNETDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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