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Nintendo 3DS

Amazon Fire TV

Sony PlayStation 4

Google Nexus 7

Microsoft Xbox One

The Nintendo 3DS is the perfect gift for Mom. It's easy to carry around, small enough to break out anywhere, and lets her play new and classic Nintendo games anywhere.

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Amazon Fire TV is a brand new entry to the home gaming space, but presents a compelling feature-set. Mom can watch her favorite shows and then jump right into a game using the same box.

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The Sony PS4 might not be for every Mom, but it makes for an attractive all-in-one media player hub for the living room. Even she's not into hardcore games, there's plenty of indie games available in the PSN Store.

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We rate the Google Nexus 7 as one of our favorite all-around tablets. This is a great gift for Mom, especially if she frequents Candy Crush or other addictive casual games.

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Xbox One does a decent job at controlling your living room and it might just be what Mom is looking for. Voice control? Check. Live TV integration? Check.

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