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Nespresso VertuoLine

Yes, Nespresso's $299 single-serve coffee maker is a luxury, but it also makes a fantastic espresso.

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New moms might come to rely on the Piper single-room home monitoring unit. It includes a camera, two-way audio, and sensors for temperature, humidity, and sound, among other features. Added bonus: it can act as a Z-Wave home automation hub.

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Cree 60-watt replacement LED light bulb

It doesn't connect to your smartphone, and it won't change colors, but an affordable price tag, high lumen output, and an industry-leading 10-watt warranty make this our favorite LED light bulb.

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Power Practical PowerPot V

If Mom likes to hike or camp, she might just come to rely on this pot that doubles as a thermoelectric generator for charging mobile devices in the great outdoors.

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Dyson DC59 Animal

We will let you gauge how well Mom might appreciate receiving a vacuum as a Mother's Day gift. If you do go down that road, we'll submit Dyson's new high-end DC59 Animal. A convertible design, powerful suction, and easy-to-use lightweight build make using this vac a joy.

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iRobot Roomba 880

Perhaps not as risky as buying Mom a handheld vacuum, iRobot's latest, top-of-the-line Roomba is the most powerful automated cleaning device we've tested so far.

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Koubachi WiFi plant monitor

The $99 Koubachi Wi-Fi plant monitor pokes into the soil and uploads environmental data to the company, which then sends plant-care alerts customized for each species.

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iDevices iGrill Mini

The $39 iDevices iGrill Mini is an easy, affordable way to add smarts to any over or grill. Simply insert the probe end into whatever you want to cook, and the transmitter will use Bluetooth to tell your smartphone when you've hit your target temperature.

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