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Mother's day tech gifts for new and expectant moms

These smarter takes on nursery essentials will give new moms a much needed helping hand.

Vanessa Hand Orellana
1 of 13 Celso Bulgatti / CNET

The push of a button

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is a bassinet that's loaded with tech to help babies sleep and give Mom a few more hours of shut-eye too. It has a sound machine, rocking motors and three microphones that detect when your baby is crying. If the baby needs soothing, it intensifies the rocking motion and changes the sound. And Mom can rest assured that her baby won't turn over at night because the Snoo won't turn on unless the baby is safely swaddled and clipped in.

2 of 13 BÉABA

The 1-step baby food maker

The BÉABA Babycook is part steamer and part blender so Mom can make healthy baby food in half the time. Put the raw ingredients into the Babycook and walk away. You'll have a perfectly cooked and blended meal in 15 minutes flat and you only have one device to clean up after. 

3 of 13 Willow

A better way to pump

The Willow Smart Breast Pump lets new moms pump hands-free and untethered. It includes two wearable cups that can fit inside your bra so you can pump discreetly and multitask. The milk collects in a bag inside the cup and can be easily removed to store or freeze. It also connects to an app to track your milk supply and frequency and duration of your pumping sessions.

4 of 13 Jiobit

Keep closer tabs on your kid

The Jiobit is a tiny GPS tracker that clips on to your child's clothing and that parents can follow on a mobile app. It's so precise that it can even keeps tabs of where the child is within the home. The tracker also gets smarter with time and can learn your child's daily routine to alert you if they deviate from the norm. Or you can set your own boundaries on the app to get an alert if they wonder off beyond your set boundaries. 

5 of 13 Celso Bulgatti/CNET

A smart sock that hears your baby's heart

The Owlet is a cute baby bootie that keeps worried parents from obsessively checking in on their baby. It has sensors that track the baby's heart and oxygen levels when they're asleep. The Owlet connects to a your phone for a detailed read of your baby's vitals, and sends you alerts in case the readings are off. It also connects to a base for your bedside that turns red and sounds an alarm when something is wrong so you can react immediately even if your phone is off.

6 of 13 Chris Monroe/CNET

Baby Monitor Capsule

Although no device can prevent SIDS, this one may come close. The Snuza Hero SE is a wearable monitor that keeps tabs on baby's breathing and sounds an alarm if they stop. But then it goes even further by attempting to rouse the baby with vibrations. And it's cheaper than similar competitors. The downside is it doesn't have an app, so you'll have to be within earshot to hear the alert.

7 of 13 Samsung

A full-service baby-monitoring system

Samsung's Wisenet BabyView Monitor seems to have a solution for every situation. It has a touchscreen monitor to put by your bedside for easy viewing, a watch that vibrates when your baby needs attention, and a mobile app to check things out at any time. It includes a camera, monitor, watch and environment sensor.

8 of 13 Chris Monroe/CNET

Squeaky clean baby with this smart tub

The 4moms Infant Tub gets rid of some of the guess work from bath time. It looks like a traditional sink tub, but it gives you a read of the water temperature as you're bathing your baby. The tub is comfortable for baby and keeps him cleaner. It's designed to use with running water so that clean water travels through the tub and dirty water flows out. It's also pricier than your average baby tub. 

9 of 13 Celso Bulgatti/CNET

A changing pad that weighs your baby

The Hatch Baby Grow is an easy-to-clean changing pad that simultaneously weighs your baby. Check the app to see the baby's weight and chart their percentile over time.

10 of 13 Chris Monroe/CNET

A mobile that does more

Unlike other mobiles, the Fisher-Price Smart Connect Mobile can grow with your child beyond the newborn stage. It spins on its own, plays lullabies, serves as a nightlight and a projector that shoots images onto the inner dome of the mobile. All of which you can control with your smartphone. It also sends you text notifications if you baby starts to cry. Once baby is old enough, you can remove the mobile and just project images directly onto the ceiling. 

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Great sleeper at an even better price

The Fisher Price Smart Connect Sleeper cradles the baby comfortably while still keeping him on his back to prevent SIDS. It has a simple design, but it's effective at soothing and putting your baby to sleep. It rocks, vibrates and emits noises either with the controls on the side or the mobile app which also lets you set a timer. It's a steal compared to other products in its category.

12 of 13 iBaby Labs

Triple duty baby monitor

The iBaby Air is an audio baby monitor, air purifier and nightlight built into one sleek device. It detects and removes harmful toxins and allergens from the air and gives you a detailed read of the air quality, temperature and humidity level in the baby's room. The app also allows you to listen in and talk back to a baby in need of soothing or change the color of the nightlight.

13 of 13 Infant Optics

Infant Optics DXR-8

For a cheaper alternative to the Samsung monitor, the DXR-8 is a great no-nonsense baby monitor. The monitor connects directly to the camera, has 2x zoom, tracks room temperature and has a speaker so you can talk to your baby (or your spouse) remotely. It also means no one else can log on to see your baby sleep.

It's not a touchscreen, but it's a durable monitor at a reasonable price. I've had it for over a year and while there are a few issues (the battery must be periodically removed and reset to ensure accurate battery readings), nothing has been game breaking.

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