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Panasonic SDR-H80

I'm not a big fan of ultralong zoom anything--mostly cameras and camcorders with 20x-plus lenses are good only for stalking--but you've got to admire the type of technology that goes into the compact, industry-longest 70x zoom lenses that Panasonic has put in its latest models. Plus, at that length, you really can shoot the moon.
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Sony Handycam HDR-XR520V

Sony debuts two camcorder firsts in its XR500 series models: built-in GPS with geotagging and the use of a back-illuminated CMOS for (we hope) a leap in low-light video quality.
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Sony Webbie HD MHS-PM1

These are most notable because Sony isn't known for making inexpensive products, and the straight-to-Web mini camcorder market is defined (in part) by cheap prices. Also, in general, orange looks to be one of the hot colors for cameras and camcorders in 2009.
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Panasonic SDR-SW21

Panasonic's update to its rugged camcorders means you can take this model 6.5 feet underwater or drop it from 4 feet. Plus it comes in lime green, another hot color for 2009.
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Kodak Zx1

The ruggedized construction of the Kodak Zx1, combined with the decent video quality it should inherit from the Zi6, make this a potentially pocketworthy gadget. True, RCA was first to market with its rugged version of the Small Wonder, but it was ugly and had poor video quality.
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