Incredibly expensive things you can buy on Amazon

From a full-size Marvel pinball machine to watches that cost more than a house, this is some of the most expensive stuff on Amazon.

Fox Van Allen
1 of 26 Skullis

These are the most expensive things Amazon sells

Many of us shop on Amazon to save a few bucks. But did you know that Amazon sells plenty of extravagant, expensive gifts too? 

Disclaimer: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

We scoured Amazon to find the absolute strangest, most expensive stuff we could. For starters: This 5.4-inch skull made of Brazil Quartz Rock sells for $6,900.

2 of 26 Sports Collectibles Online

This $31,000 pair of sneakers

Why so expensive? These game-worn Nike Air Jordan Vs were signed by Michael Jordan in 1990.

3 of 26 Lladro

A $90,000 porcelain chandelier

This Lladro chandelier features countless porcelain fairies, each lit up by fiber optic strands. It's a heck of a statement piece, and it better be, given its $90,050 price tag.

4 of 26 Sports Collectibles Online

A $110,000 baseball bat signed by Babe Ruth

This $114,675.81 Louisville Slugger bat, signed by The Sultan of Swat himself, comes with a certificate of authenticity.

5 of 26 HistoryForSale

A picture signed by five US presidents

This 1991 photograph of Presidents George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon was signed by each, making it a very cool piece of history. It's available for $17,000 on Amazon.

6 of 26 Traxnyc

This $13,855 necklace that's literally just a bar of gold bullion

This pendant from Traxnyc has more than four carat weights of diamonds along with a one-ounce bar of gold.

7 of 26 via Amazon; ilbusca

This $3,065 full-size arcade cabinet

Available on Amazon for $3,065 (with free shipping), this Class of 1981 Namco machine features Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga, plus a few additional hidden games.

8 of 26 Old Modern Handicrafts

This incredibly intricate $2,700 model ship

This model of H.M.S. Sovereign of The Seas (1637) is hand-built by skilled artists.

9 of 26 Graham

This $161,000 wristwatch

This high-precision movement timepiece by Graham boasts 48 diamonds, 18K white gold and a blue sapphire bezel.

10 of 26 RoGallery

This $175,000 piece of Neo-Dada artwork

This 1990 conceptual art piece by Robert Rauschenberg, made of acrylic, enamel and fire wax on stainless steel is available for purchase on Amazon for $175,000.

11 of 26 Gmasking

This 1:1 replica of the larvae from Alien

Sure, this one "="" $699.98="" on="" Amazon"="">sells for "only" $699.98 on Amazon, making it the cheapest thing on this list. But as far as weird pop culture indulgences go, we'd say that still qualifies as "incredibly expensive."

12 of 26 Outdoor Living Today

This $6,600 shed for your garden

The good news about buying this 9-by-9-foot garden shed on Amazon? Shipping will only cost you $4.49. The bad news is that you'll have to build it yourself.

13 of 26 Crosley

This $14,000 jukebox with a Beatles aesthetic

This Beatles Sgt. Pepper's jukebox from Crosley holds 70 vinyl records. It even has Bluetooth built in, so you can stream your favorite music to its speakers.

14 of 26 Design Toscano

This 8-foot-tall statue of Anubis

Made by Design Toscano, this $1,217.69 statue actually qualifies for free Prime shipping.

15 of 26 Sports Collectibles Online

This replica Lombardi trophy signed by Eli Manning

For Giants fans, it doesn't get much better than this $2,519 Super Bowl XLII collectible signed by Eli Manning.

16 of 26 Atera

This 6-person hot tub

Next summer is going to be wild, provided you pony up the $16,700 to get this Atera hot tub delivered via Amazon.

17 of 26 RachenPhotographer

2,750 gallons of structural plastic adhesive

If you need plastic adhesive -- and we mean a lot of plastic adhesive -- you can buy 50 drums of 3M plastic adhesive for $87,012.08.

18 of 26 Sports Memorabilia

Four baseball cards signed by Mickey Mantle

There are all sorts of interesting sports collectibles on Amazon, including this $81,819 lot of four Score baseball cards signed by Mickey Mantle.

19 of 26 Unique Royal Jewelry

This $30,400 diamond ring

This stunning 18K gold ring boasts 26 diamonds with a 1.07 CTW.

20 of 26 TentandTable

This $2,100 bouncy castle

This 15-foot-tall vinyl bouncy castle includes its own commercial-grade air blower -- pretty much everything you need to get the party started.

21 of 26 Stern Pinball

This $7,500 Deadpool Pinball Machine

This full-size Deadpool pinball machine made by Stern Pinball includes a custom-molded chimichanga truck time machine. Really.

22 of 26 Stern Pinball

No seriously, look at this amazing pinball machine.

Here's a look at the game field of the Deadpool pinball machine, just because we think it's so cool.

23 of 26 Tytax

This $8,000 home gym

This exercise machine from Tytax, designed for home and small fitness club use, includes 335 pounds of weights and supports more than 200 exercises.

24 of 26 Skee-Ball

This 13-foot regulation Skee-Ball game

No need to visit the stinky ol' boardwalk again once you've got this $5,975 Skee-Ball Alley in your basement.

25 of 26 Samsung

This 88-inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Sure, you knew you could buy TVs on Amazon. But did you know you could buy one that sells for $15,000?

26 of 26 Generac

This massive $33,000 commercial generator

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