Kinect up front

LOS ANGELES--This year's E3 is in full swing, and each of the big three game companies--Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft--has a massive booth in place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

This year's Microsoft booth focuses heavily on Kinect, Microsoft's upcoming motion control system, as well as a redesign of the company's Xbox 360 console.

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Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Long lines for Kinect

To get a chance to play with Kinect, E3 attendees had to queue up around the booth.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Gamers try out the new 360

Microsoft's surprise announcement at its E3 press conference earlier in the week was about a redesigned version of the console, which hits stores this week. The new version replaces the old one, which could not be found anywhere at Microsoft's booth.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

And of course there's a Ferrari

To promote Forza Motorsport 3, Microsoft had a Ferrari 458 Italia parked in a corner of the booth.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Tai chi chuan with Kinect

Ubisoft's Chris Reed demonstrates the upcoming Our Shape: Fitness Evolved, which uses Microsoft's Kinect hardware to let players do workout routines without a controller.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Attendees check out Kinect from outside

Microsoft was giving live demos of Kinect to E3 attendees in sealed booths with transparent backdrops. This is impressive given that Kinect is constantly searching for people with its built-in camera. Demos by Sony, on the other hand, were put on a solid white background, and viewed from the side instead.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Microsoft's media lounge

The top of Microsoft's booth is a place for journalists to get meetings with Microsoft executives, as well as play with certain titles off the show floor on the large HDTVs.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Dance Central gets demoed

MTV Games' upcoming Dance Central title was another third-party title to be demoed at Microsoft's booth. The game uses the Kinect camera to track user movement in time to dance moves, and was featured in Microsoft's E3 press conference.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET


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