Meet all the cute, friendly, useful robots of CES 2019

This year at CES 2019, robots invaded on all fronts. Don't be alarmed. By and large they're friendly, cute, even lovable. And some it seems would be useful to have around the house.

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Foldimate laundry-folding robot

The Foldimate may look like a printer, but it's really an advanced laundry robot. Its makers say it can fold a "full load of laundry," which they say is about 25 items, in under five minutes. The Foldimate can handle basic garments such as shirts and pants. Items like sheets, towels and baby clothes, though, are outside this robot's folding repertoire.

Originally published on Jan. 9, this gallery will be regularly updated throughout CES.

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Lovot Groove X

The Lovot Groove X is made for cuddling, companionship and yes, even to love. The temperature-based camera sitting on its head is used to track motion and body language, while its soft covering hides sensors that detect your touch. Its big expressive eyes even have dilating pupils.

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Pillar Learning Codi

Your child's new robot friend could be the Pillar Learning Codi. It's a cute little bot that's small enough to fit in your arms. Codi has an antenna and ears that light up and change color.  You can prompt it to sing an educational song or tell a story. It even has a playlist of lullabies when it's time for bed. Codi connects to Wi-Fi as well, so its content list will keep growing.

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Samsung's new home robots

At CES 2019, Samsung showed off its new line of domestic robot helpers.

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Samsung Bot Air

This is no trash can. It's Samsung's Bot Air, one of the four robots the company unveiled this week at CES 2019. It's meant to purify the air in your home.If you had one in your house, it would automatically go to different rooms to clean the air. A light around the bottom of the machine flashes red when the air is dirty and changes to green once everything is clear.

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Samsung Bot Care

The Samsung Bot Care is designed to be a full-service health-monitoring robot. Sensors can detect your breathing as you sleep to tell you how well you rested. If you put a finger on the sensor, it can calculate vitals like your heart rate. The machine can remind you to take your medicine or even detect falls, one of the major causes of death for seniors.

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Samsung Bot Retail

Of all Samsung's robots, the Bot Retail most resembles a person. It's also the tallest. The device is aimed at restaurants, retail stores and similar locales. The goal is for Bot Retail to serve as your waiter or store clerk, removing the need for you to ever interact with an actual person.

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Samsung Bot Air

Here's closer look at the Samsung Bot Air. On the robot's top is an intake for its air filtration system.

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Samsung GEMS

Not a robot per say, the Samsung GEMS system is a powered machine designed to assist people's mobility. Samsung has developed three models: the GEMS-H for hips, GEMS-A for ankles and GEMS-K for knees.

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Samsung GEMS

Here's the Samsung GEMS system seen from the back. 

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Samsung GEMS

This is the Samsung GEMS-A module. It's designed to be worn the ankle, and provide a boost of bionic power.

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Ubtech Walker

Now sporting a new pair of limbs, the Ubtech walker doesn't just stride around the room while avoiding furniture. It can also grab objects like an umbrella or a glass of water, then bring it to you. 

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Softbank Pepper robot

Softbank's Pepper robot demonstrated its customer service skills for us at CES 2019. It recognized faces, pulled up our t-shirt order, closed the sale, and even pitched us to buy deodorant. 

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Sophia the humanoid robot

Sophia, the humanoid robot built by Hanson Robotics, dropped by the CNET stage at CES 2019 for a chat.

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Sophia Robot Baby

Also on hand at the CNET stage at CES 2019 was a baby version of the Sophia robot.

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Yukai Bocco Emo

Yukai's Bocco Emo, an updated version of the original Bocco robot, is designed to be empathetic and expressive. It's meant to offer companionship for children and senior citizens while also keeping tabs around the house. The Emo responds when it hears its name too, and emotes when it reads out messages. It can also recognize the emotional state of the speaker depending on their tone of voice and react accordingly.

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Zoetic Kiki

Flaunting giant anime eyes and a sleek design reminiscent of Eva from Wall-E, Kiki is an AI-powered pet robot. Created by Zoetic, a company based in Santa Clara, California, Kiki is meant to offer its owners company and friendship. Kiki has a camera in its nose, which it uses to recognize and remember people. Once it locks onto your face, it can track you by turning its head. Kiki also continually learns about its owner's personality and adjusts accordingly.

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