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The Force was with Times Square Thursday as a 45,980-pound Lego X-Wing, thought to be the largest Lego sculpture in the world, made a stunning debut to a crowd of excited onlookers. Lego and Cartoon Network revealed the mega "Star Wars" ship to the beat the drum about the upcoming "Yoda Chronicles" animated television show that debuts at 8 p.m. on May 29.

Before the festivities kicked off, the X-Wing hid behind a replica box as seen here.

Lego reports that the jumbo full-size X-Wing replica contains more than 5,335,200 bricks and took a team of 32 builders, located at the Lego model shop in Klandno, Czech Republic, more than 17,336 hours to construct. With an impressive wingspan of 44 feet, a height of 11 feet, and a length of 43 feet, this isn't exactly a set you could easily display in the living room. It sure would make one heck of a lawn decoration, though!

Caption by / Photo by Lego
With a large New York crowd cheering on and snapping photos, the mega Lego X-Wing emerged from the box, complete with fog. The Lego X-Wing design is derived from the one utilized for the "Star Wars" Lego set of the same name (#9493).
Caption by / Photo by Lego
In rather grand fashion, Lego made sure that the X-Wing rolled out slowly forward as it emerged from the box. Popular Science reports that the mammoth X-Wing contains a steel substructure to maintain integrity, and the model breaks down into 14 large pieces for shipping.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
What would an X-Wing be without its pilot and astromech droid? A jumbo-sized Lego Jek Porkins and R2-D2 make an appearance alongside the craft. Luke must've been busy saving the universe again.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
It took a team of 32 Lego master builders, nestled away for four months in the Czech Republic, four months to build the mega "Star Wars" X-Wing.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
Larger than life Chewbacca and Darth Vader Lego mosaic figures stand near the jumbo Lego X-Wing in Times Square.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
Just like the real thing, the nearly 46,000-pound Lego X-Wing also contains S-foils, lights, and speakers that play authentic ship sounds. We've put a word in with Lego to see if the wings can lock into attack position.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
Here’s the other side of the super-sized Lego X-Wing.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
A little Lego X-Wing, perhaps only a dozen pieces in total, sits behind its behemoth 5.3 million piece big brother.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
Yoda, who showed off his X-Wing whispering skills in "The Empire Strikes Back," also made an appearance to kick off the premiere of the "The Yoda Chronicles" animated television show, which debuts on May 29. On June 13, visitors to the Legoland California Resort can check out the same larger-than-life X-Wing.
Caption by / Photo by Lego
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