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Birties Bow-Ties is a company that makes a range of cool-looking "handcrafted" neckwear, including a range imprinted with geeky themes, like this one featuring a blazing gun from first-person-shooter game Doom.

The bow ties cost $25 each (about £15, AU$35) and work with a hook that clips into a loop.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

With all the attention NASA is getting thanks to the great images of Pluto and its moon Charon being sent back by the New Horizons spacecraft, it's the right time to wear this snazzy number at your next cocktail party. You'll shine like a quasar.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

There's no need to worry about getting wiped out by a turtle in this version of the Mario Bros. video game, because Mario (or is that Luigi?) is forever safe. Of course, that means he can't rack up any points, but you sure will whenever you head out of the house with this piece of finery wrapped around your neck!

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

There will be no doubt that you've got some serious fashion game when you wear this bow tie, modeled after a controller from the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES. Plus, just think of the pickup lines you could come up with.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

Show how much you dig Minecraft -- or maybe the upcoming movie "Pixels" -- with this carefully plotted Pixel Brick bow tie.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

It's morphin' time -- meaning you can morph from a schlub in a T-shirt to a respectably dressed fashion icon when you put this bad boy on.

It's one of the ties that's a little more subtle, so except for people familiar with the '90's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," no one else will get your nod to one of the greatest TV shows of all time. (Well, to a TV show that was once on the air, at least.) If you want a less formal palette, Birties does sell this design in a variety of other colors.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

No, not that TIE Fighter (there's one of those coming up, though). We're talking about Street Fighter, the video game from the late '80s. It'll help you deal an uppercut to your stale wardrobe.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

The nice thing about this bow tie, featuring the TARDIS from "Doctor Who," is that if you find yourself in an awkward social situation, you can just use it to beam yourself to another time and place. Or at least, you can try.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

You'll fit in anywhere with this Tetris-themed bow tie, with an incoming block perfectly placed on the bow tie's knot.

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties

Go ahead, wear this TIE Fighter bow tie at your next gathering. We'll know you're doing it just to throw the Galactic Empire off your trail because you're really working for the Rebels. Right?

Caption by / Photo by Birties Bow-Ties