Jeff Sandquist helped launch Channel 9 to communicate with developers

Microsoft launched Channel 9 to help evangelize the company's products to software developers. Here, Channel 9 co-founder Jeff Sandquist in one of the two studios on Microsoft's campus.
Photo by: Jay Greene/CNET

Channel 9's main studio

A look at Channel 9's primary studio. To the right of the anchor table is a green screen that lets directors change backgrounds.
Photo by: Microsoft

The control room at Channel 9

The control room at Channel 9, complete with servers, monitors, and editing equipment to produce and air its programming.
Photo by: Microsoft

Discussing the launch of the Kinect for PC SDK

Channel 9 hosted a live launch of the software development kit that lets programmers create PC applications that use the Kinect motion-sensing controller. Here, Channel 9's Jeff Sandquist interviews Anoop Gupta, an executive who holds the title of distinguished scientist in Microsoft Research who is overseeing the project.
Photo by: Microsoft

Laura Foy talking Windows Phone apps

Channel 9's Laura Foy joined from the cable channel G4, bringing some professional polish to the group. Here, she's hosting Hot Apps, a look at the latest applications for Windows Phone.
Photo by: Microsoft

Bill Gates on Channel 9

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has made a few appearances on Channel 9. This screenshot is from his first in September 2005.
Photo by: Microsoft

Programming for geeks

Some of the most popular programming on Channel 9 are deep technical dives. Here, Erik Meijer, an architect in Microsoft's server and tools division, gives a 13-part lecture series on functional programming.
Photo by: Microsoft


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