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You might not have liked the way Lost ended, but you can't argue that it managed to maintain an incredible amount of intrigue and entertainment during its six-year run. Few shows have such a huge cult following, and that's never been more apparent than today, when fans arrived at the Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square in London to watch every one of the 121 episodes in a back-to-back marathon.

Devoted Losties started queuing outside the cinema at 7am, with the doors opening at 9:30am for an epic 80 hours of TV entertainment, on the big screen. Such an epic event requires at least some health and safety management, and we're assured regular breaks will be provided. Assuming the fans can handle it, the screening is scheduled to end on Thursday, and there's sure to be some bleary eyes at the end of it all.

Even executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were impressed by the sacrifice, saying, "For those of you watching all six seasons of the show in one long marathon, we applaud you, we admire you and we thank you for your fandom. But we take no legal responsibility for you!" Participants received a goodie bag, and unlike the residents of the show's baffling island, they're free to leave at any time.

Lost's final season is out today on Blu-ray and DVD. The HD versions costs £45 on Blu-ray, while the DVD set is £34. If you're feeling flush, you can get all six seasons on Blu-ray for £140 or on DVD for £114.

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Queuing began at 7am, and the participants won't leave the cinema until Thursday -- if they can handle the full Lostathon.
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Fans were invited to attend in fancy dress, and everyone received a gift to celebrate their participation.
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