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Android 3.0 Honeycomb is here, and its icon has arrived on the Google lawn, as witnessed in this image on Twitter by Google's Justin Mattson.

When Google releases a new version of its Android software, it places a large statue based on the version's codename on its lawn, for geeks to worship. You may also leave offerings of food, iPhones and code branches near the statues in a bid for more stable bug fixes from the Google gods.

Honeycomb is the tablet version of Android, and the Motorola Xoom will be the first gadget in shops to have it.

The Honeycomb effigy features a huge bee menacing a cringing Android robot. We think this means Google is angry with us. We hope that sending our first-born children to Montesorri school will placate our information overlords.

The previous Android idols include a giant frozen yoghurt to celebrate Android 2.2 Froyo and a doughnut with sprinkles to represent the American spelling of donut.

The makers of Google's vast and trunkless desserts, Custom Creations, have a Flickr gallery of themselves cavorting with the sweet treat. Android obsessives can fulfil their completest urges with the YouTube videos of them delivering the massive hive and another gallery of the making of the beast.

One day, when we have been reduced to worker ants tasked only with carrying food to the Earth-covering hordes of Google's server racks, we will look back on this day and laugh a hollow, hollow laugh. 

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The Honeycomb statue in situ at Google's headquarters.

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