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LG Xenon

The LG Xenon has a roomy four-line QWERTY keyboard.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Task manager

The LG Xenon has a task manager that will let you toggle between open applications.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Photo album

A look at the LG Xenon's photo gallery. Thanks to the internal accelerometer, you can view images in either portrait or landscape mode.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Landscape mode

The LG Xenon will rotate from portrait to landscape mode when the keyboard is open. It also has an internal accelerometer that will tilt the display sideways when in certain applications, like the browser.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET


The LG Xenon has a microSD card slot on the side.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Camera on the back

The LG Xenon has a 2.0-megapixel camera and a flash on the back.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Xenon in red

The LG Xenon will also be available in this red hue.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET


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