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Yesterday, we thought that Samsung had made the largest 3D LCD TV in the world. Right after we wrote that story, we headed over to the LG stand, only to be confronted by an even bigger and more awesome TV.

The key differences between the 75-inch Samsung TV and the 84-inch LG telly are that the LG model isn't LED-based and has a much higher resolution, with a 4K panel. It also uses LG's passive 3D technology to display 3D video without flicker, using simple, lightweight, comfortable glasses.

Our eyes-on session left us with mixed emotions. The 3D effect is very good, and passive glasses are definitely our preferred way of watching movies in the third dimension.

Unfortunately, while the panel may have been ultra-high-definition, the video it was displaying wasn't. A chat with the LG spokesperson revealed that it was running upscaled 1080p. This is understandable, because there isn't much 3D 4K video knocking about at the moment.

While we liked the 3D effect, the upscaling meant that the resolution suffered substantially, and we felt like we watching one of those pre-rendered video games from the '90s -- think Myst. But the TV still has massive potential when it comes to actually showing ultra-high-definition video in 3D.

Can anyone find room for an 84-inch TV in their front room? We suspect not, but, even so, it's always good to see the fight for the title of 'biggest TV' rumble on.

Click through our gallery to see more photos of this monster. 

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LG is really pushing passive 3D this year. While the picture quality isn't quite as good as you'll get with active-shutter glasses, the passive glasses are more comfortable and affordable.

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This TV isn't remarkably thin but, at 84 inches, you're going to have more things to worry about than this reasonably modest depth.

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