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Tappers and typers alike can get their fingers covered in Gingerbread thanks to two new phones from LG that feature the latest version of Android.

The Optimus Pro (pictured on the right) is the be-buttoned version, with a full Qwerty keyboard dancing along the bottom of the screen. The Optimus Net is a touchscreen-only phone with naught but the usual array of Android buttons on offer.

The Pro is the first LG Android smart phone to offer the portrait keyboard that we've come to know and love on BlackBerry handsets, instead of a slide-out landscape keyboard. The keys include shortcuts to the email and calendar apps. 

Alas, some screen space must be sacrificed to make room for the keyboard. The Pro's display measures a paltry 2.5 inches diagonally.

The Net kicks the keyboard to the curb in favour of a 3.2-inch touchscreen. The emphasis is on reviving your social life, courtesy of a new app from LG that serves up Facebook and Twitter. The phone also offers DLNA support, which means you can share your media wirelessly with a DLNA television.

LG says the Net may come with NFC support in some European countries, although it didn't confirm that the UK would be one of them.

Both phones will come in white and black versions. The Pro will also be available in a colour option called 'titan', which we imagine to be the colour of Sam Worthington's biceps.

A 1,500mAh battery and 800MHz processor should keep both phones ticking over long after some more powerful handsets have gone running for their chargers.

The Pro and Net will arrive in shops before summer is out. Although we don't know their official prices yet, our tingling phone senses indicate that they'll be on the cheap side.

Click the gallery above to ogle some official renders of the two phones. 

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Here's the Net.
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Why, it's the Pro again!
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