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LG has come up with a corker of a name for its latest Android handset: the Optimus. The Optimus GT540, to give the phone its full title, is the successor to LG's first handy Andy phone, the InTouch Max GW620, but, sadly, it doesn't look like it transforms into anything.

The name was revealed in a post on the LG France blog. The Optimus part seems to have been redacted, though -- we imagine Hasbro might have had something to say about that. A separate post shows off some official LG photos.

The GT540 only runs Android 1.6, which looks as out-of-date as a battered toy from 1983, compared to the new version, Android 2.1.

The front of the phone includes two touch-sensitive buttons and three hard buttons. The screen measures 76mm (3 inches), with a resolution of 320x480 pixels. On the back is a 3-megapixel camera and inside is a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, clocked at 600MHz. It includes Wi-Fi, GPS, HSDPA and a motion detector that allows you to shake the phone to change functions. LG is yet to confirm whether it runs off energon.

Click 'Continue' for the pick of the official photos, including the GT540 alongside its older brother. Autobots, roll out.

Update: The GT540 will indeed be called the Optimus, LG has confirmed. Features include in-phone video editing, DivX and Xvid playback, and up to seven customisable home screens.

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The GT540 comes in white, black, grey and pink.
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The phone comes with a microSD card, with capacity depending on the operator. It will support up to 32GB.
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Here's the black version, showing the other side.
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Here's the Optimus alongside the InTouch Max. LG has yet to confirm whether the Optimus will come to the UK, and whether it will retain its current moniker.
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