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Do you want a cheap phone? A cheap phone running Android? And do you like phones with physical keyboards? Too bad, there aren't any. Wait, hang on -- the LG Optimus Chat just arrived at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Excellent.

We've already written up a proper in-depth preview of the Optimus Chat, but we figured you can never have too many photos of a new phone, so we grabbed hold of the blighter on the show floor to snap it for you. Click through the photos above to check it out.

The LG Optimus Chat is a tiny little mobile that's rather big on features. It has a rounded design, weighs only 122g, and it measures 59 by 109 by 16mm, in case you wanted to make yourself a little Plasticine model of it. There's a 3-megapixel camera glued on as well, which probably won't win you any photography awards, but might make for some cool party photos.

The big feature is a slide-out Qwerty keyboard that pops out of the Chat's middle portion. We didn't get long with the phone, but we were impressed with the generous gap left between each individual button, which we hope will cut down on accidental mistypings. We're a little wary of the very small spacebar, though.

Another worry is the low-res display this mobile's a'rockin. The 2.8-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 240x320 pixels, which isn't appalling, but brace yourself for some blurriness.

The Chat is running Android 2.2, or Froyo to its mates. That's not the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, but it's still very new, and offers Flash 10.1 support so you can watch Flash videos in the Chat's browser. Naturally there are also loads of apps available to download.

The Chat probably won't rock our worlds, but it could be a great way for those of us without loads of spare dosh to get into the kickin' Android scene. Stay tuned for a full review.

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