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If, like us, your breath has been bated by LG's Optimus 3D smart phone then we've two bouts of good news for you. Firstly, LG's given us some official shots so you can see the thing in all its glory. Secondly, and most excitingly, the handset will be coming 'soon' to UK customers courtesy of Three.

The phone, whose 4.3-inch 'stereoscopic' touchscreen lets you watch 3D videos without wearing glasses, will be available on the company's The One Plan. Pricing for the handset on that tariff is currently unconfirmed, but for reference, the SIM-only cost of The One Plan is a mere £25 for which users get 2,000 any network minutes, 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5,000 texts and truly unlimited all you can eat data.

That all-you-can-eat data bit is pretty crucial, as it means you can gorge on 3D movies streamed from YouTube 3D. You'll also be able to download 3D games and videos from the Android Market once your eyeballs have grown weary of the three 3D games that come pre-installed.

If you get bored of looking at other people's 3D content, the LG Optimus 3D allows you to make your own. The phone has a dual-lens 5-megapixel camera built in, which shoots in high and standard definition 2D as well as 3D. Once captured, video can be played back on the Optimus 3D's own display or pumped to an external 3D television via a mini HDMI port.

A built-in dual-core processor helps make sure everything runs smoother than a cashmere codpiece.

Our crack reporters are in Barcelona getting some hands-on time with the LG Optimus 3D as you read this, so expect a full preview shortly. While you wait, have a gander through our gallery above where you'll find some sexy official shots, then cast your soon-to-be-3D-watching eyeballs over LG's teaser video below.

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