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LG has added a new batch of Cookies to its repertoire with three new phones -- the LG Cookie, Cookie Style and Cookie 3G.

The new Cookies are the first from LG to feature full touchscreens and all three come with onscreen Qwerty keyboards and accelerometers. With a heavy emphasis on social, the devices integrate tightly with social-networking services to tie together email, IM and SMS into one conversation window for each contact.

All three come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD slot and FM radio, packaged in smartly designed handsets and using LG's own user interface.

The smallest of the trio, the LG Cookie T300, attempts to break the assumption that all smart phones have to be behemoths, carefully balancing its compact size with its 2.4-inch touchscreen. The LG Cookie Style T310 is the better looking sibling and will be available in a wide range of colours, with carefully crafted shortcut buttons on the front. Unlike its companions, the LG Cookie 3G T320 comes with (funnily enough) 3G connectivity to provide a faster data speed than the others. It has a rather more rugged design.

The original LG Cookie KP500 received moderately good reviews and has been a very popular choice because of its applications and relatively low price, at least according our superb user reviews. From the images of the Cookie 3G, however, LG's attempt to create a usable and compact smart phone has given a somewhat cramped feel to the screen.

All three phones are due for release in the UK in September with prices to be confirmed before launch.

The LG Cookie T300
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The LG Cookie Style T310

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The LG Cookie 3G T320

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