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LG has launched its new 3D television and recorders in Sydney with the help of Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber.

LG's new television, the PX950, is the first to boast the new 3D THX certification which is designed to offer a better experience when watching 3D movies.

The company also launched two Blu-ray player/HDD recorder combos, the HR558D (250GB) and HR559D (500GB), which enable users to archive recorders onto USB disks.

Microsoft was also on hand at the event to announce an official collaboration between itself and LG on the forthcoming Xbox 360 Kinetic controller.

Mark Webber also took the opportunity to dance using the LG TV in combination with the Microsoft Kinect video system.

LG senior marketing manager Tim Barnes and Mark Webber flank the PX950 television and HR559 recorder.

Barnes used the opportunity to announce LG was sponsoring Webber's Red Bull Racing Team — 12 months after becoming Technology Partner of the Melbourne Grand Prix.

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Webber checks out the TV's 3D THX mode.

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Microsoft was on hand to show the 3D's ability to play the 3D Xbox 360 game Avatar.

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Microsoft staff were also on hand to cut a rug Webber-style.

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