Lenovo Smart Display shows what Google can do with a screen

Combining a touchscreen with the powers of Google Assistant, the Lenovo Smart Display can help you cook and give you directions.

Andrew Gebhart
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Here's looking at you, Google!

The Google Home has a screen now, thanks to Lenovo. The Lenovo Smart Display combines the powers of Google Assistant with a touchscreen that will help illustrate the answers to your questions. 

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Two versions

The Lenovo Smart Display will have an 8- or 10-inch screen for $200 or $250, respectively. Both will go on sale this summer, but no word if they'll be available overseas. The US price converts to roughly £150/AU$250 and £180/AU$315.

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News, weather and more

Like an Amazon Echo Show, the screen will display info relevant to your questions. You can also watch videos and the news on the screen. You'll primarily control it with your voice. Give a command, and you can control your smart home, add an entry to your calendar, search the web and more. 

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Cooking help

The Smart Display can also give you step-by-step cooking directions. If you don't know how to do one of the steps, it can pull up a YouTube video to help. 

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Home screen

The main screen will show you upcoming appointments and any music you're playing. 

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Like the Google Home smart speaker, you'll be able to mute the mic of the Lenovo Smart Display. 

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Cover the camera, too

The Lenovo Smart Display also has a camera so you can make video calls. Lenovo addressed the privacy of the camera with a physical shutter. 

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The shutter

Here's the camera with the shutter in place. 

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Flexible positioning

Both varieties of the Lenovo Smart Display can rest either horizontally or vertically to best fit your space. 

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Bamboo back

The 10-inch version has a stylish bamboo backing. 

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Multiple colors

The 8-inch version has a gray back. Both look good. 

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Thin screen

Lenovo's touch screen is also pretty thin, especially compared to the Amazon Echo Show. 

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Not quite a tablet

You can't do everything you can do on a tablet on the Lenovo Smart Display. It's a more focused experience designed to take you straight to Google Assistant. 

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Watch and learn

Both models also feature 10-watt speakers, a 5-megapixel camera for video calls and powerful Qualcomm processors designed specifically for Google's smart displays.

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