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Lego Simpsons house

On February 1, Lego will release a Simpsons house set. It will cost $200, and will include detailed interiors of the famous cartoon home. In May, Lego will also release a set of 16 minifigures that will cost $4 each.
Photo by: Lego

The back of the house

A look at the back of the Simpsons Lego house.
Photo by: Lego

Bart's room

The set includes a detailed version of Bart's room.
Photo by: Lego

The garage

Ever wondered what the Simpsons' house would look like in Lego? Wonder no more. This is the garage.
Photo by: Lego

The couch

You've seen it countless times, in countless ways. But in Lego? Now you have it: the famous Simpsons couch, featuring the whole family.
Photo by: Lego

Lisa's room

This is Lisa's room, complete with Lisa and her camera.
Photo by: Lego

Maggie in the kitchen

This is Maggie in the Simpsons' kitchen.
Photo by: Lego

Lisa at the piano

Lisa plays the piano and Homer listens in this photograph of the forthcoming Lego Simpsons house.
Photo by: Lego

The first floor

A look down at the first floor of the new Lego Simpsons set.
Photo by: Lego


The Homer Simpson minifigure that is included in the forthcoming Lego Simpsons set.
Photo by: Lego


This is the Bart Simpson Lego minifigure.
Photo by: Lego

Bart on a skateboard

Bart Simpson rides a skateboard -- in Lego.
Photo by: Lego

Lisa minifigure

This is the Lisa Simpson minifigure.
Photo by: Lego


All these years, and Maggie is still a baby, even in Lego.
Photo by: Lego


Of course the Marge Simpson minifigure sports her trademark tall blue hair.
Photo by: Lego

More Marge

Here, we see Marge in action.
Photo by: Lego

Ned Flanders

Would any Simpsons set be complete without a Ned Flanders minifigure?
Photo by: Lego


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