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Last minutes gifts to save the day this Christmas

We've all done it: the one gift you've left so late, there's just no time left to get it together. Well don't panic -- here are a few ideas for gifts that can get emailed (or even printed) directly!

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JB Hi-Fi Gift Card

If you don't even have time to hit the local JB HiFi and grab a physical gift card, don't panic: JB lets you buy a digital gift card as well.

When you jump on the site, you'll have the option to email the digital card, along with a personal message to make it look less last minute than it really was.

Click here for a JB Hi-Fi digital gift card.

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Amazon Gift Cards

In Australia, Amazon isn't quite the monolith that it is in the US, but that doesn't mean that an Amazon gift card isn't a great gift.

Amazon gives you the option of emailing the card or printing it at home to slip it into a card -- or wrap humorously in an enormous box.

Click here for the Amazon Gift Card.

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Humble Bundle games

One for the gamer in your friend or family. The Humble Bundle is a great way to not only buy a bunch of cool games, but also to ensure that some of what you pay goes to charity.

Both the regular Humble Bundles and the Humble Store both let you gift your purchase, making this a double present.

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iTunes email gift cards

iTunes gift cards have almost become a staple for Christmas, filling plenty of chrissy cards over the years.

But you can also send them instantly using iTunes itself -- and the recipient will be able to start shopping straight away.

This link will open iTunes to let you send an instant gift card.

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Marrying Mr. Darcy download and print card game

There are a lot of great download and print boardgames out there -- many of which are free -- but a favourite in the CNET office is Marrying Mr. Darcy, a strategy card game that is, yes, based on Pride and Prejudice.

Take a couple of hours to print this out on some quality card and this is a winner. There's even an undead expansion pack for people who've only read the version with zombies in it.

Click here for Marrying Mr Darcy.

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RedBallon experiences

From skydiving, to massage, to bespoke shoes, to dinner -- there aren't many experiences that Red Balloon doesn't cover.

Like Amazon, RedBalloon lets you either email or print the gift certificate you order -- so you can wrap it up and keep it as a Christmas day surprise if you want.

Click here for RedBalloon's list of Christmas gift experiences.

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Spotify subscription

Spotify is great -- and lots of people use it -- so my not give the present of an ad-free user experience.

Spotify e-cards let you choose between 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions for the music lover in your life.

Click here for Spotify subscription e-cards.

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Steam gifts

Steam's digital distribution service has changed not only the way people buy games but how they can shop for them as well.

Lucky for you, you can turn any Steam game purchase into a gift while you're in the checkout, letting you send the install code to the lucky gamer this Christmas.

Check out Steam's FAQ on giving gifts.

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