Ladies and gentlemen, the smartest thermoses on Earth

From concept cups to ready-to-buy portable espresso machines, these smart mugs will keep you warm...and sometimes even plugged in.

Lisa Bernier

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1 of 20 Handpresso

Handpresso auto

It's a car-powered, portable espresso machine. Yes, please. The bad news: The company is in France. The good news: It ships to the United States.

2 of 20 PositiviTea

PositiviTea cups

Using conductive ink, PositiviTea cups concept allows users to download digital content as they sip their brew of choice. All the content is steered toward making you happy (e.g.: "Vampires don't exist!"). The concept envisions a user simply touching an icon on the cup to activate the app on an iPhone or iPad nearby.

3 of 20 Vessyl


Pryme Vessyl helps you track your hydration and also has the option of a wire-free charging coaster. Additionally, when you pour a liquid into it, the cup can tell what you're drinking. Bar. Raised.

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Smart Magic Touch cup

Touch it, it tells you the temperature. It will remind you to drink. Clap, and it'll tell you the temperature of whatever liquid inside. It can glow, and if you touch your nightstand in the dark of night, it will light up to tell you its location.

5 of 20 Bodum

Bodum French-press thermos

Thermos, meet French press. Thus, the perfect portable coffee brewer and travel mug is born.

6 of 20 Brugo

Brugo mug

The Brugo mug's thermodynamic temperature control chamber allows you to have the ideal taste and temperature control while drinking your beverage. If you want to cool your beverage without opening the lid, swill the vessel with a brandy-esque motion. The longer you swill, the cooler the sip.

All the better: This mug is no concept. You can buy it on Amazon.

7 of 20 Hoter

Hoter USB coffee cup

Hoter's USB coffee cup is powered by USB, self-stirring, and has a built-in insulation function to keep temps perfect.

8 of 20 Ember Tech


Using an app and a dial, the high-tech Ember travel mug allows you to name it, indicate temperature preferences, and set notifications. Bonus points for a sleek and sexy design.

9 of 20 ThinkGeek

Impress coffee brewer

Impress is a mug that brews its own coffee. Yes, that's a thing now.

10 of 20 Sunkettle

The Sunrocket

It's solar-powered. Yes, the Sunrocket uses the rays from above to heat your liquid while you tote it, thus rendering it ideal for the green camper or the urbanite commuter who wants to be eco-friendly.

11 of 20 Eddie Gandelman

TEA Thermos

The TEA Thermos concept design by Eddie Gandelman assures a perfect cup of tea. A rotating timer mechanism is connected to a spool and chain. As the timer winds down, the spool lifts the tea bag out of the water.

12 of 20 Wagan

Wagan volt-heated travel mug

The Wagan volt-heated travel mug allows you to heat up your cold beverage anywhere there's an outlet, or even in your car. You will never have to suffer a surprise mouthful of cold coffee again (that is, unless you actually like that kind of thing).

13 of 20 Kug

The Kug

What's the Kug? It's a kettle. It's a mug. It's both, guys. With a simple twist, it heats whatever liquid you want as you tote it around on your errands, in the car, to class...the portable possibilities of hot beverage consumption are endless.

14 of 20 Thermos

Thermos Smart Hydration Water Bottle

The Thermos Smart Hydration Water Bottle tracks your hydration levels via an app on your phone and has a USB connection.

15 of 20 Mist 'N Sip

Mist 'N Sip

Technically a water bottle (but who's keeping score?) the Mist 'N Sip is a fun, portable beverage container. Not only will it keep you hydrated, it also allows you to mist yourself with a cooling spray.

16 of 20 Contigo

The Autoseal West Loop

The Autoseal does what its name suggests: It self-seals to prevent your morning caffeine jolt from spilling and ruining that new suit you just got back from the dry cleaners.

17 of 20 Princess International

Retro heated travel mug

A retro-style travel mug that can be heated via your car, this vessel allows you to sip stylishly.

18 of 20 MyHydrate


The MyHydrate also tracks your water intake. It has a spill-proof lid and an infuser, so you can flavor your H20.

19 of 20 Zojirushi

Zojirushi stainless mug

Topping the list for many best thermoses overall, Zojirushi's stainless mug has excellent heat-cold retention, leakproof seals and an easy locking mechanism.

20 of 20 SONY

Sony "Sound" Mug

OK, fine: Technically you can't put liquid in it, but we dare you to find a smarter gadget shaped like a drinking vessel. Sony's Sound Mug is a thermos-shaped speaker is meant to optimize your listening experience.

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