The future according to Kyocera

BARCELONA, Spain -- What does the future look like to Kyocera? From foldable tablets to transparent smartphones, we take a look at some of the wild concept ideas the company has for the next generation.

Above is a safety device geared towards children. With this GPS bracelet, kids can sound off an emergency alarm, and parents can monitor their children's vitals and location.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Tracking on your ear

This health monitor is designed to be worn over the ear and would track a user's vitals.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Fancy ear-wear

The wearable would also serve as a not-so-futuristic Bluetooth device.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Folding it up

This tablet would still remain completely touchscreen, but would be able to fold together due to flexible glass.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Still a smartphone too

Another look at the foldable tablet, which would also have a screen on the outside of the fold to display information.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Wear it anywhere

No, this isn't a big fat smartwatch. This would be an ultra-thin smartphone that could bend in whatever shape -- in this case, a bangle to be worn over the wrist.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Ultra-thin smartphone

Another look at the super slim, bendable smartphone.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Attach it wherever you go

These rugged, waterproof smartphones could be strapped on sport equipment like bikes and kayaks and users can still make calls and check their e-mails through the devices' circular touchscreens.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Seeing through the phone

Kyocera mocks up what one of its transparent smartphones would look like.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Airy, calm design

The transparent handset would also have a soft pulsating notification light that surrounds the entire rim of the phone.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET


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