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Look familiar?

If the Kyocera Domino looks familiar to you, it's because this phone (for MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless) closely resembles the Kyocera Jax with its tall, slender frame.

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Hand feel

The Domino feels good in the hand and on the ear. The lightness doesn't seem to lend itself, however, to durability.

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There's a 2.5mm headset jack and a Micro-USB port on the Domino.

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Screen and navigation

The screen is way too small, at only 1.8 inches, and its resolution is much lower than competing entry-level handsets. The navigation array is cramped, but we found the dial pad workable.

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There's not much more beyond a matte black back cover on the Domino's dorsal view. Snapping off the stubborn cover was a nail-bending task.

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