A laptop bag for people who don't want to be losers

With an included Bluetooth tracker and plenty of storage, the Knomo LiveFree backpack makes it easy to keep your all your gear within reach.

Joshua Goldman
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Knomo LiveFree Backpack

Knomo has made bags for 12 years with a focus on keeping your life and your tech organized. The LiveFree on Kickstarter builds on that by adding inductive wireless phone charging and location tracking.

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Water-repellent canvas

The bag is constructed from water-repellent waxed canvas from the original manufacturer of the fabric, British Millerain.

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Just enough padding

Padding on the back is minimal, but the spacing allows for some airflow. The shoulder straps are padded with EVA foam. They're comfortable -- even with the bag loaded up -- but without the bulkiness of typical laptop bag padding.

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A nice profile

The bag has plenty of room inside, but when empty, as it is in this picture, it still has enough structure that it doesn't completely collapse.

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Not too big, not too small

While it has plenty of storage, the bag itself isn't huge. It's too small for a weekender, but for a daily commuter bag, it seems just about perfect.

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Chunky zippers

The bag's big zippers are easy to grab and open and close smoothly.

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Up to a 15.6-inch laptop

The laptop compartment opens wide, so getting in and out is easy.

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Up to a 10-inch tablet

If you travel with an e-reader or tablet, there's a pocket in the laptop compartment for it.

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Padded lining for your laptop

The laptop compartment has EVA foam and an extra layer of padded spacer mesh.

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Zippered pocket for essentials

If you like quick access to things like bus tickets, a passport/ID, sunglasses or whatever, this top pocket is perfect.

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G-clips and leather loops

Instead of a zipper, Velcro, magnets or snaps, the G-shaped hardware hooks into leather loops to keep the main compartment closed. They definitely look better than the typical squeeze-type buckle you'd find on lesser bags, but frankly, those buckles are faster for opening and closing.

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Small zippered pocket

A nice zippered accessory pocket on the inside of the flap takes advantage of what might otherwise be wasted space.

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Plenty of room inside

There's enough room inside for a jacket, lunch, an umbrella or whatever else you need to get through the day.

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RFID blocking pocket

A little extra identity theft protection, this pocket can be used for storing contactless bank cards and passports.

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Bluetooth tracking

Knomo partnered with Chipolo to supply its Bluetooth tracking chip for the bag. Billed as "the world's loudest Bluetooth tracker," you can use an app to set off an alarm or look on the in-app map to find the bag up to 200 feet away (60 meters). You can also use Chipolo in reverse by clicking it to set off the ringer on your phone.

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Cable management

Want to keep your headphones and cords organized and out of the way? Knomo attached an elastic strap inside the front of the bag compartment.

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Magnetic pocket

Just under the top opening on front there's a simple slash pocket that's sealed with a strong magnet.

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Even more pockets

A zippered pouch on the front has several small organizational pockets perfect for anything from a pen to a phone charger to hand sanitizer.

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Keys, please

There are two zippered side pockets. One has an attached key clip and is also big enough for a water bottle.

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Charging pocket

The other side pocket has a spot that holds the Knomo Qi-certified DropGo wireless charging powerbank.

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Samsung FTW

Turn on the powerbank and you can slip a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge or S8 into the charger and it will top you off while you're on the go.

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iPhone charging with a case

Knomo will offer a case for iPhone users.

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Fill 'er up

The battery fits iPhone 6, 6S and 7 models -- no Plus models, though.

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Corded charging, too

There's a USB port on top of the powerbank, too, so you can use a cord to charge another device when your phone is fine.

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Knomo LiveFree Backpack

The LiveFree is on Kickstarter until May 7 and is expected to ship in September -- almost perfect timing for heading back to school.

You can get the bag alone for £175, which is about $219 or AU$300. Fully loaded with the tracker, Qi-certified powerbank and an iPhone case, the package costs £293. That's approximately $366 or AU$500.

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