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The Sesame Smart Lock

The Sesame Smart Lock began with a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 by startup Candy House. The lock is now available for $150, which converts to about £110 or AU$195. 

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The Sesame app

In the Sesame app, you can view the lock's status. You can also lock and unlock the door in the app by tapping on the image of the lock. 

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Using the Sesame app

Once you've tapped the image of the lock within the Sesame app, the lock will unlock and its respective animation will move to indicate the action. 

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The Sesame Wi-Fi Access Point

The Sesame Wi-Fi Access Point is a $70 USB accessory. Plug the Wi-Fi Access Point into an wall plug adapter, and you'll be able to control your Sesame from anywhere you have an Internet connection. 

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Knock to unlock

The Sesame includes a knock to unlock feature for iOS devices. With the Sesame app running in the phone's background and Bluetooth connected, you can knock on your phone three times to unlock the door. 

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Installing the Sesame lock is really simple. Peel back the protective sheet on the adhesive strips and center the lock over your existing deadbolt thumb latch. 

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Lock history

Within the Sesame app, you can view lock status and activity history. Each unlock and lock action is recorded in a color-coded log. You'll also see manual unlock and locks noted as well as the addition of any Wi-Fi access points. 

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Included accessories

The Sesame comes with a red metal plate for adhering to your door if the mounting surface isn't flat or is otherwise imperfect. It also comes with stickers so you can label the lock with locking and unlocking directions. 

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Within the Sesame app, you can view the lock's connectivity. You'll see battery life, Wi-Fi status and Bluetooth status of your lock. This is also where you can add managers or guests to your lock. 

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August is still the best

Overall, the Sesame Smart Lock worked well, but it falls short of August's line of smart locks in a few areas. With no direct integrations with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri and no door-sensing technology, the Sesame isn't as good a value as the August Smart Lock

Read our full review of the Sesame Smart Lock here.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET
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