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iSmart Alarm prototype camera and brain

Startup iSmartAlarm is launching an Indiegogo project as a pre-order method for its iPhone-controlled home security system. This working prototype camera talks to the square "brain" beside it. The production camera will be more streamlined.

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Watch you home with your iPhone

The iPhone app picks up an image of CNET Crave writer Amanda Kooser at CES 2013. The app can be used to arm or disarm the system, view alerts, and monitor a home with a live feed from the video camera.

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Window and door contact sensor

The window and door contact sensor sends the iPhone app an alert when the contact is broken.

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Eventually, you'll be able to track your pets

The remote tags can be used to monitor kids and may eventually be able to track pets when they escape the house.

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Motion sensors pick up intruders

It won't pick up the motion of the ocean, but the iSmart Alarm motion sensor is designed to pick up strange movements in your house and send an alert to your iPhone.

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