iPhone 8, 8 Plus go on sale around the world

The queues might not be what they were 10 years ago, but Apple fans still turned out to buy the latest and greatest (before the iPhone X gets here that is).

Claire Reilly
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Apple fans queue in Sydney, Australia

Apple fans queue ahead of the launch of the iPhone 8 in Sydney, Australia, watched over by employees at Apple's George Street store. 

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Apple employees wait for new iPhone 8 shoppers ahead of the doors opening at 8 a.m. in the company's flagship store in Sydney, Australia. 

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The first iPhone 8 Plus owner

Mazen Kourouche, right, gets his hand on the first iPhone 8 Plus (or more accurately, two of them) in Australia.

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Apple fans on show

Apple fans show off their new iPhone 8 Plus handsets at Sydney's Apple Store.

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Rigorous staff testing

Apple Store staff test out the new iPhone 8 on launch day at the company's store in Sydney. 

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The iPhone 8 Plus

The 256GB iPhone 8 Plus sells for AU$1,479 in Australia (that's equivalent to roughly $1,170 or £860).

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Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3, complete with Hermes band, on show in the Sydney Apple Store.

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iOS 11 is here

A customer gets hands on with iOS 11 at Apple's Sydney store.

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Before it begins... Singapore

Apple staff taking a group picture at its Singapore Apple Store before it officially opens.

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Loving dad

Indian businessman Amin Ahmed Dholiya, 43, flew down from India to Singapore to get a gold iPhone 8 Plus as a wedding gift for his daughter. He was first in line, having queued since 7 p.m. last night.

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Excited to be first

Varis Sinthopruangchai, 20, an exchange student from Thailand, taking a selfie with his iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus at the Apple Store in Singapore. 

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15 minutes of fame

Varis Sinthopruangchai getting interviewed by local press on his purchase.

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Queuing is Singapore's national hobby

About 100 people queued outside Singapore's only Apple Store, which opened earlier this year.

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A warm welcome

As usual, Apple customers in Singapore got a warm welcome from staff as they made their way in to purchase their new iPhones.

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Not to be left out

Singapore carrier Singtel also had its own event, with the 10 earliest customers getting a warm welcome for their patronage.

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Regent Street

The Regent Street Apple store looks amazing from the outside.

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London calling

Salam bin Mohammed was first in the queue at the Apple Store on London's Regent Street.

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Heading inside

Salam is the first to be greeted by the cheering Apple Store employees.

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Excited employees

Spirits were high, despite the early hour.

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What a good boy

There was a dog at the launch. This made everything even better.

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Smiles all round

It's an early start for most of the team but they seemed happy about it.

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A small queue

The queue outside the main Regent Street store windows was kept shorter by security staff.

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A longer line

The main queue was just around the corner, where it wouldn't block pedestrians.

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Inside the store

More cheering and clapping inside.

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A press scrum

Lots of British press were at the store to capture the moment the doors opened. 

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A happy handshake

Salam seals the deal on his new phones.

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Shopping success

Two phones, bought and paid for. Steve looks happy.

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A grand space

The Regent Street store received a significant makeover last year and is now full of trees and beautiful Italian marble.

Apple Store Soho NYC iPhone line
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Line in NYC

Here we are outside Apple's Soho store in Manhattan.  Yes, it used to be a post office.

Apple Store Soho NYC iPhone line
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First one here

What's with the lei's, guys? PR people came by and gave them out.

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Needs a bigger screen

Matt Berger has been here since 9:30pm last night and intends to buy the iPhone 8 Plus because he "can't stand the small screen" of his iPhone SE. 

Apple Store Soho NYC iPhone line
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A pretty chill bunch

The line wraps around the building... but not very far.

Apple Store Soho NYC iPhone line
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Around the corner

I wonder if people will ever stop lining up to buy these phones first thing in the morning.

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Get in formation

Time to make the donuts, people.

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And they're open

The iPhone sale day ritual wouldn't be complete without the applause for their consumers.

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This guy is about to buy an Apple Watch Series 3.

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A satisfied customer leaves promptly without fanfare. Soho is classy, y'all.

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