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CNET gives you a preview of the iPhone 0S with real screenshots.


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Cut, copy, and paste

The cut, copy, and paste feature is long overdue. The interface is simple and easy to use and it works across all applications, including notes, e-mails, messages, and text on Web pages. To access the feature, just double-tap on the desired text. You then can move the grab points to select as much or as little text as you'd like. Choose the "cut" or "copy" option, open a new document and tap the "paste" button.
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Shake to undo

If you make a mistake, or you just change your mind, you can shake the phone for the option to undo.
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Three cheers for MMS

When using the text messaging application, a small camera icon now appears next to your writing area. After tapping it, you have the choice to take a new photo or send an existing shot.
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Add the photo

After selecting the photo, your image appears in the writing area. Click the send button to send it on its way.
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MMS from the photo gallery

You also can choose to send a photo directly from the photo gallery.
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Messaging options

In the messaging-settings menu, you can choose to turn off multimedia messaging.
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To access the new search function, swipe your finger to the right from the home screen. After inputting a search term with the onscreen keyboard, you'll get results from your contacts list, messaging and e-mail folders, iTunes library, and calendar.
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Landcsape keyboard

The landscape keyboard is particularly welcome. It works across all applications, including e-mail and notes.
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A new e-mail view

And in another first, you can view your messaging in-box in landscape mode. That's very welcome, indeed.
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Landscape text

A few CNET readers have asked if the landscape keyboard works in the messaging app as well. And the answer is yes.
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More messaging options

iPhone 3.0 added functionality to forward text messages and delete single messages in a thread. It works very similar to the what we have now in the e-mail folder.
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Even more landscape

You'll be able to view your contacts in landscape mode.
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Forwarding contacts

When selecting an individual contact, you now can forward the information to a friend or colleague. The update also will add the forwarding of calendar appointments.
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Meeting invites

The iPhone finally gets the option of inviting contacts to meetings. This is a feature other smartphones have had for a long time.
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Web links

If you tap and hold on a Web link in the Safari browser, a new menu will appear with choices to open the link, open it in another page, save an image, or copy the link.
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Use or retake

When taking photos for multimedia messages, you have the option to use the image or retake it.
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Picture in picture

We noticed a couple of new features that weren't mentioned during Apple's presentation. For example, after snapping a photo with the camera, that picture appeared in the lower left corner of the viewfinder when snapping our next picture.
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Shake to shuffle

Apple added a "shake to shuffle" feature with the update. You can find it under the iPod settings menu and turn it off if you wish.
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Voice notes

The iPhone gets a native application for voice memos. Relying on paid third-party applications is no longer necessary. It's easy to use and accessible directly from the home screen.
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Stocks in landscape

You now can view stock charts in a landscape orientation. What's more, you can click on the chart to see prices at a given time.
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Stocks and news

The Stocks app adds news headlines for each ticker symbol. You also can get information such as the market capitalization, the 52-week low and the 52-week high.
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Phone home

Double-tapping the Home button can now take you to the camera and the search function.
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More languages

The new upgrade adds support for several more languages.
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More wallpappers

And lastly, you get a few additional wallpapers.

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