Hands-on with the iPad Pro (pictures)

Get acquainted with the new, extra-large iPad and its accessories.

Scott Stein
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The iPad Pro wants to replace your laptop. With a giant screen, optional keyboard attachment and a powerful processor, it should be able to do everything a computer can do. But it's still an iPad at its core.

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The biggest screen yet

It has a 12.9-inch screen with a 2,732x2,048-pixel resolution display.

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Perfect work station

With the keyboard and a large touchscreen, the Pro is a portable workstation.

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Larger than life

In the real world, the tablet looks large, but still manages to be portable.

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Not for selfies

The front-facing 1.2-megapixel camera can take photos and handle FaceTime calls, but you'll look silly taking selfies on it.

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iSight Camera

On the back, there's an 8-megapixel iSight camera with all the trimmings.

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Pretty picture

That camera takes great photos, but you won't want to tote around the iPad Pro on your next vacation as your main camera.

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Three colors

The iPad Pro comes in silver, gold and space gray.

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Slip into a bag

At 12 inches long, the Pro will fit into most laptop bags, but it takes up a lot of space.

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Smart Keyboard

Sold separately, the Smart Keyboard lets you type easily on the iPad Pro.

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Propped up

The Smart Keyboard also acts as a stand, similar to Apple's Smart Covers.

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Type away

With the keyboard connected, you can write lengthy reports or emails.

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Though compact, the keyboard offers a full set of keys.

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Soft touch

The back of the Smart Keyboard has a soft finish.

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Those three dots are where the Smart Keyboard attaches, and how it draws power from the iPad.

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Apple Pencil

Also sold separately is Apple's signature stylus, the Pencil.

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Unique tip

Pencil has a special tip that looks like a real pen. It's not squishy like other styluses.

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Shading and effects

You can tilt the Pencil to shade and alter the stroke, just like a real pencil or marker.

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Perfect for drawing

The iPad Pro and Pencil were made for drawing. The tablet's screen is specially designed to respond to the Pencil's input.

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Making art

CNET Creative Director and artist Marc Mendell sketches on the Pro.

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Amateurs and pros

The iPad Pro is the perfect canvas for professional artists, amateur doodlers and kids alike.

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Pencil vs Pencil

The Pencil's tip is different from other styluses, like the Pencil from brand 53 on the right.

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Pencil parts

The Pencil's top pops off to reveal the Lightning connector.

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Plug in

It plugs into the Pro's Lightning port to charge and connects via Bluetooth to the tablet.

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Editing suite

CNET video editor Ariel Nunez demonstrates that you can use the iPad Pro as a portable editing suite.

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Pencil help

The Pencil can also be used to control what's on the screen.

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iOS 9

The iPad Pro ships with the latest version of Apple's mobile software, iOS.

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Split screen

With iOS 9, you get split screen to view two apps side by side.

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Big enough for picture books

While likely too big for reading a novel in bed, the iPad Pro will do nicely for picture books and cookbooks.

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The apps you expect

A giant screen gives you plenty of room for apps.

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Giant, yet thin

The iPad Pro is just 0.27 inches (6.87mm) thick.

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Paper sized

At just over 8 inches wide, carrying the Pro around is no harder than toting a laptop.

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Quad speakers

The Pro's four stereo speakers automatically adjust treble and bass based on orientation and won't muffle sound when you cover one up by accident.

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Volume rocker

For volume adjustments, there are small controls on the edge.

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A modern slate

You can use it one handed, but it really demands two hands.

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The iPad family

You can see the significant size differences between the iPad Mini (left), iPad Air (middle) and iPad Pro (right).

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Air and Pro

Side by side with keyboards, the Air is dwarfed by the Pro.

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iPad and Macs

Looking at size, the Pro is between a 13-inch MacBook Air and the 2015 12-inch MacBook.

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MacBook and Pro

You can see that the 2015 MacBook is smaller than the iPad Pro.

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Bigger screen than the MacBook

You get more screen space with the iPad Pro over the 2015 MacBook.

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Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro

The Surface Pro 4 looks much more like a real laptop, where the iPad Pro looks like a tablet with a keyboard attached.

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iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4

You can see that Apple's logo is still vertical, where the Surface Pro 4 is designed to be used in landscape mode.

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MacBook Air, iPad Pro and Surface Book

Though the iPad Pro is giant, by laptop standards, it's still compact. Here you can see it between a 13-inch MacBook Air and the Surface Book.

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Surface Book

Microsoft's Surface Book, which also functions as a tablet, works like a true laptop, while the iPad Pro is still an iPad with a limited mobile operating system.

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More on the iPad Pro

The tablet goes on sale in November for $799, £679 or AU$1,249 for the starter 32GB model; $949, £799 or AU$1,499 for the 128GB model; and $1,079, £899 or AU$1,699 for the version with 128GB and 4G LTE data. That includes neither Pencil or keyboard.

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