iOS 6 screenshot round up: Maps, Passbook, Tap to Tweet

The next generation of Apple's mobile OS has been papped in leaked screenshots.

Natasha Lomas
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Apple opened its kimono last night -- giving iOS developers at its WWDC conference a sneak peak at the new features coming in iOS 6.

iOS 6 won't land on iPhones, iPads and iPods til autumn, but screenshots of the OS quickly filtered onto the web. Click through the gallery above to see a roundup of iOS 6 screenshots.

Key features coming in the next gen of the OS include Apple's own Maps offering -- to compete with Google Maps. This includes turn-by-turn navigation, 3D flyovers and data on 100 million businesses.

Apple has licensed mapping data from sat-nav company TomTom which is just as well, since the new Maps app makes TomTom's own iOS app pretty redundant.

Also landing in iOS 6 is Facebook integration -- as Apple finally bakes Zuckerberg's social network into its operating system, as Twitter has been since iOS 5. In the new world order Facebook-loving iDevice owners will only need to sign in to Facebook once and then gain the ability to post and message their Facebook buddies without using the Facebook app.

The Facebook-iOS-6 cake also means Facebook info is pulled onto your phone -- so you'll see Facebook events appearing in your calendar, and the contacts details of your Fb buddies in the contacts app.

Apple hasn't forgotten its first love Twitter, though. Indeed, it's given Twitter pride of place in the notifications tray, where it's adding the ability to tweet or post to Facebook with one tap.

Other new iOS features include Do Not Disturb, which adds the ability to turn off calls and notifications; Passbook, a one-stop-shop for digital tickets, coupons and loyalty cards; and VIP emails, which lets you flag up messages from select people.

Apple has also updated its mouthy voice assistant Siri -- adding sport score smarts and restaurant review info. Siri is also being integrated with cars so you can bark at it while you drive.

Are you over the moon about iOS 6 or is it more a case of 'do not disturb'? Watch our video below, and let me know your thoughts by posting a comment below or shouting all about it over on our Facebook page.

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Passbook collects all your tickets and passes in one bit of software -- such as gig tickets, coupons, boarding passes and loyalty cards. (Image credit: Apple)
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Apple has thumbed its nose at Google and built its very own mapping service -- licensing mapping data from TomTom. (Screengrab: Business Insider)
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Maps in iOS 6 will include information on 100 million business, with reviews and ratings popping up when you tap on individual buildings. (Screenshot: Business Insider)
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The new mapping software also includes turn-by-turn navigation so it will function as a fully fledged sat-nav. (Screengrab: BGR)
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Also coming in iOS 6 Facebook integration: your Fb buddies' phone numbers and events will appear in contacts and calendar. (Screengrab: Business Insider)
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Another new feature coming in iOS 6 is the ability to Tweet -- or post to Facebook -- from within the notifications tray. (Screengrab: Business Insider)
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iOS 6 includes lots of new features to control how and when people can contact you. It also includes an option to easily reply to an incoming call with a message or get your phone to remind you to call them back later. (Screengrab: Business Insider)
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Apple has also added a Do Not Disturb option -- this can be toggled on in the settings and will block notifications and incoming calls. (Screengrab: @JaysonNg)
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iOS 6 also adds a VIP starred emails feature so you can filter your messages based on who's sending them. (Screengrab: Business Insider)

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